Highlights of Edinburgh Old Town
(2- 2,5 hours)

A walking tour for curious visitors who have limited time but who are interested in a focused cultural experience of Edinburgh.

The tour’s essential components include:

  • Learning the story about Edinburgh’s Two Cities
  • Exploring the heart of the Old Town and its cultural environment
  • Seeing iconic Edinburgh Castle, St Gile’s Cathedral, Old and New Parliaments, the Royal Holyrood Palace
  • Discovering some of the city’s secret gems

Edinburgh is not only the capital city but also the heart of Scotland’s culture. For centuries it has been home for Scotland’s monarchs and aristocrats, merchants and bankers, thinkers, writers and architects. To learn Edinburgh’s rich story in more detail, see our itinerary options for longer  tours.

The Welcome Walking Tour has been designed to delight curious visitors who have  limited  time but who are interested in a focused cultural experience of Edinburgh.  This tour provides an orientation to Scotland’s capital city and its rich history and culture.

Enjoy stunning vistas, hidden local gems tucked away from the main tourist routes and fun and inspiring stories told en-route. The tour will reveal ideas, events and names of people of the past who significantly contributed to shaping Edinburgh’s majestic image and the city’s festive cultural atmosphere, which so delights Edinburgh’s visitors.


  • The tour route mainly runs along the Royal Mile, the historic road of medieval Edinburgh and some spectacular areas of Edinburgh’s New Town will also be kept in view.