Historic Tales of Edinburgh’s Old Town
(3 hours)

This tour is for people who love compelling lifestyle narratives questioning ”why”?

The tour’s essential components include:

  • Learning houses histories and their architectural expressions.
  • Exploring less visible cultural layers behind the walls of buildings through colourful city’s stories. .
  • Seeing historical areas of medieval Edinburgh Old Town which determined the city’s urban layout.
  • Finding more about lifestyle and practices that were in use and had major influences on Edinburgh’s urban development.

“A city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time”            

Sir Patric Geddes

The building of cities has a long and complex history. Cities exist for many reasons. The diversity of urban forms can be traced to the complex functions that cities perform. Buildings are the most visible elements of the city, the features that give each city its unique character.

A significant collection of unique historic buildings, squares, a thick network of closes and wynds, as well as striking cityscapes,  put Edinburgh on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. But what social practices, religious beliefs and innovative ideas, from the historic-cultural perspective, made Edinburgh such an outstanding place?

This tour is for people who love compelling lifestyle narratives questioning ”why”?

Learn the histories of buildings and examine their architectural expressions, explore a maze of closes and wynds of the historic town and the less visible socio-cultural layers behind the walls of buildings which affected the city’s urban evolution; find out more about lifestyle, everyday practices, crime and punishment, technical innovation and local industries of the past, which determined the pattern of the urban growth of Edinburgh by visiting famous spaces and places.


  • Royal Mile, Grassmarket, Cannongate areas and other sites of interest in each neighbourhood.