Highligts of Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town
(2 hours)

The tour is for architecture and design lovers, including those who are interested in urban planning.

The tour’s essential components include:

  • Participants need no previous specialist knowledge; all that is required is a curiosity in the subject concerned.
  • Discovering surprises and secrets embedded in the walls of buildings and ironworks.
  • Exploring stories and leagcies of prominent architects while admiring their architecture marvels.
  • Fun activity elements that  help to read, decode buildings and the built environment.

“Architecture is the very mirror of life. You only have to cast your eyes on buildings to feel the presence of the past, the spirit of a place; they are the reflection of society.” 

I.M Pei

Edinburgh’s New Town is a reflection of the strong independent spirit of Edinburgh citizens of the 18-19c. and the international fashion of the Enlightenment period. It is the largest complete example of town planning from the Georgian period anywhere in the world. The mixture of neo-classical architecture, grand squares and terraces, gardens and secluded lanes, means that a walk through its streets is a journey back in time to an age of elegance.

The tour will be of interest to architecture and design lovers, and those who have a passion for stories about people, the built environment, the economy and urban planning.

The New Town offers plenty of surprises and secrets to be discovered; an opportunity to admire and explore the legacy of renowned architects such as John and Robert Adam, Sir William Chambers and William Playfair;  meaningful insights about hidden clues in stonework or ironwork; having fun through a game kind of activity on learning to read buildings and interpret evidence of the people who lived there  and discovering events and changes which happened over time.


Princess Street, George Street, Charlotte Square,  Morray Place