Falling in love with place feels a lot like hunger, but also satisfaction. And there is this constant desire for more…  A place cannot speak and it takes time to learn about it at slower pace…

I fell in love with Edinburgh and Scotland when I came here to study  for my Master’s Degree at Heriot-Watt University. Edinburgh is the top ‘Cultural and Creative City’ of its size in Europe and  a perfect place for culture – minded people like myself.  My journey to get sense of place started by picking up various culture moments, stories,

symbols and signs of something larger and accomplished by treating Edinburgh and Scotland as a unique cultural scene full of parralels and meaningful links across the globe.

Over the years I’ve lived in Scotland, I turned my contagious passion and interest for  cultural-historical matters to developing a lifestyle business. My prior work and life experience was related to project management working for business, travel, museum sectors and lecturing. My lifestyle involved intensive international travelling, which has helped me to see Edinburgh and Scotland through the eyes of both a visitor and a local.

I am proud to be fully trained, qualified and accredited Blue Badge Tourist Guide for Scotland, and a member of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association (STGA), a member of European Federation of Tourist Guide Association (FEG) and World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).

I lead tours in English, Lithuanian and Russian languages and always am delighted to guide my multicultural audience of travelers.